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We are a one stop virtual employability shop offering quality employability support solutions for all your learning, training and employment needs, across Wigan, Leigh & Bolton

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We will support anyone who needs us:
Are you unemployed but want to find employment?  Do you have a health condition or a disability but want a job?  Have you been made redundant but want to find work? Are you looking for a change of direction in your career? Are you a young person looking for an apprenticeship or opportunities but don’t know where to start?  Do you want to volunteer but don’t know where to go?  Do you need advice on courses or training?  Do you want to work for yourself but don’t know where to start?  Have you got a criminal conviction and want to find employment?   Are you a graduate looking for your next opportunity?

Whatever your needs we can discuss your options. We can work with you to help you identify your strengths and develop your skills, increase your confidence and motivation to achieve your goals.

‘Work is going to fill a large part of your life… if you haven’t found it yet keep looking.  Don’t settle’

Steve Jobs – Apple Co Founder

Who We Are

CareerWise CIC is a Community Interest Company limited by guarantee meaning that any profit is re-invested back into the organisation.

What We Do

We provide a holistic impartial support service where we focus on an individual to ensure they receive quality information, advice and guidance and the most appropriate support solution for them. We encourage skills development to improve employment chances.  We work with local providers and employers to generate opportunities to support the future workforce needs of businesses.


We work collaboratively with private, public and voluntary organisations in the borough, to create and implement meaningful initiatives, with the aim of successfully moving residents towards relevant and sustainable learning, training or employment.  We welcome conversations with local businesses around partnership working, promotion and generation of employment and training opportunities. By working closely with local organisations, we can work in a joined-up way, more efficiently and effectively for the benefit of the community. We aim to enhance local provision and drive efficiencies. We aim to complement existing services to  support our partners and assist customers with achieving their goals.


‘Offers great support and Advice’

CareerWise helped my brother get out of a rut and get his life back on track when he was in a difficult place with no job and was living in a hostel. Jayne is a really caring and kind person who wants and sees the best in people. My brother trusted her and listened to her and that was hard to find in someone because he had a lot of anger issues and went off the rails. Jayne worked with my brother to see what skills he had and how best he could use them. My brother is very hands on kind of person, he was kicked out of school and hated academics. Jayne found him work experience and then he got a job fitting kitchen. He loves it and has thrived in his role and is now looking to set up his own business. If it wasn’t for Jayne giving him the time of day, a listening ear and focusing on his assets rather than the negatives that have happened in his life he wouldn’t be where he is today. She saw the good in him and for that I’m grateful.


‘CareerWise made me feel like I could do and achieve anything’

Jayne is very motivating, and she pushed me to get out of my comfort zone and go for the career I want to do. She advised me in ways to boost my confidence. Jayne taught me interview skills and advised me to ask questions more as then the pressure is off me. This is not only relating to interviews, she advised me to do this in social situations if ever I felt awkward or nervous. As I wasn’t a very confident person to begin with, I felt after speaking with Jayne she made me feel a lot more content in myself and happy. I listened to everything Jayne said, and I really felt that it helped me a lot. I feel the advice and help offered and the time she took to listen and go back to basics in what I was really looking for helped me realise what jobs I really wanted to apply for. Jayne helped me achieve one of my goals when I felt I couldn’t. For this, I am very thankful.


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